Petite Goddess
Erotic Asian Massage


I'm Ruby

First off three things about me; I am a people’s person, I thrive off conversation and I love to indulge myself in fun and pleasurable ventures.

People fascinate me, our depth, complexity and multifaceted capacity all intrigue me. I take great satisfaction in conversation, and in developing greater understanding and intimacy with those who share my company. I am also a hedonist, I live my life in the pursuit of pleasure. Dance and freely expressed sexuality are two of my fundamental pleasures. Click here for more.

I have been told I exude a calm confidence, I am not the loudest in a room but do not take my reticence for shyness! I am an entertainer and it is this quality along with my tenacity which lends itself to my adaptability and while I thrive on the intimacy of a quiet conversation I am equally as comfortable in group and party environments.

I am in my early twenties with a height of 5’5. I would describe myself as petite in size, I am a UK size 8. My body is toned and natural. I have a natural and pert size C bust, a distinctly small and toned waistline yet wide hips and a full, juicy and peachy, plenty to grab hold of in the right areas! I have Asian roots exemplified by my cascading luscious long dark brown hair and have striking brown eyes and full kissable luscious lips.

I am a GFE provider but above all I love to explore uncharted territory, whether that means being your submissive or for me to take the lead. Aforementioned, pleasure is what I seek and kink plays a huge role in this pleasure, so let’s have fun and explore new territories together!

Highly Erotic Tantra Massage

I am also a Tantric massage goddess, having trained for some years in the ancient practice while in my home continent of Asia. Tantra originated from Tibet and it is not just about the fulfilling and enjoyable erotic massage; rather Tantra is a spiritual awakening, the female and male energy in your body rebalance and bring back the harmony and peace in your life.

I offer you just that, an unchanged ancient form of Tantric massage that will have your whole body spasming with pure epic sensations. I will take your body to another realm, it's a union of opposites, where the Yin and yang merge and the polarities course through your body and relaxes it.

To me, tantra is not just a technique, it is the way of life. It is the great way to heal your body spirit and soul. Both men and women. Whether they like to admit it or not have both male and female energies, the yang and the yin. When one energy over powers the other or when it is too little, then there’s an imbalance. Imbalances can cause stress. Tantric massage practices help to align you spiritually, physically and mentally allowing you to be centered and happy all day every day. Not to mention, it is also highly sexual and very very enjoyable.

Whatever the experience you seek, I’m the girl for you!

I look forward to meeting you,

Ruby - 07886943353

Petite Goddess - Erotic Tantra Massage Specialist